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Below are a list of commonly asked questions, if you can't find what you're looking for, simply get in touch with our friendly team.


How do I know what type of housing is right for me?

The level of support you require can help you to make that decision. If you are largely independent but need some support, extra care housing or supported housing may be right for you, you will then need to decide if you’d prefer a room within a home, or your own apartment. If you require an increased level of support and are struggling to manage at home, residential care may be suitable for you.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, Rapport Housing & Care has a pet policy in place which enables residents to bring their pets with them when they move in with us, wherever possible. Please speak to the manager at the scheme/home you are interested in to find out more.

Who is eligible to live with you?

People aged 65 and over can apply to live in our supported homes and residential care homes.

Can you provide advice and support?

Yes, we understand that this is a difficult time for you. If you are unsure on what service is right for you or how they differ, do get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

What is the difference between extra care housing & care homes?

Residential care homes provide 24/7 care and support. Care staff are on site all day, every day to assist residents and deliver care. Extra care housing schemes enable you to live independently at the same time benefiting from receiving a care and support package in your home. Just like in the community, your arranged care package will be delivered in your home and will likely be comprised of a set number of visits at set times. Housing staff are on site 24/7 at the extra care housing schemes but this is to respond to emergency calls only.

How do I apply?

To apply for any of our homes or schemes, you can contact the local manager directly using the details listed on their individual pages.

Residential Homes

What are your fees?

Our fees depend on individual needs and are based on a comprehensive pre-admission assessment. Our home managers would be happy to discuss this with you. All fees include everything required to keep residents, comfortable, well cared for and safe. Including a bedroom, heating and lighting, main meals, snacks and drinks, access to use of any aids and/or appliances according to individual needs (e.g hoists), all property taxes, laundry service, care and support from qualified staff in line with the resident’s care plan, use of communal lounges, facilities, gardens and regular activities. Our fees do not include services and treatment such as dentists, opticians, chiropody, hair styling, purchase of new clothes, toiletries, dry cleaning, visitors’ meals and overnight accommodation.

Can the local authority help me financially?

Some of our homes accept local authority rates, however in some instances this will only be possible in combination with a third party ‘top-up’ payment, or if the local authority agrees to meet our full fees.

I need to move quickly, is that possible?

It needn’t take very long to arrange your move into one of our homes. Our team members are well trained and highly experienced in helping people to arrange the move as smoothly and as easily as possible. Where we need to act fast, there have been some exceptional occasions when a move has been organised and completed within a single day! More usually, though, the move will be arranged to suit the personal needs of our new resident and their family. For a chat about the options – without any obligation to go any further – simply call the home you are interested in.

Can I come and look round?

Yes, absolutely, please do pop in for a cup of tea to view the home. If you are feeling unsure, why not stay for lunch? Appointments aren’t necessary but if you would like to meet with the manager, it is recommended to do so.

What happens if my loves one falls ill?

If it's only minor, we'll look after you at home. If you have to spend time in hospital, your room will be waiting for you when you're feeling better. If you need to make plans for longer-term care and assistance, we can also help with this. Your wellbeing is the most important thing to us.

What happens if our money runs out?

Our expectation is that you have sufficient funds available to pay the homes full fees for at least three (five at Barnes Lodge) years. If your funds run out, the local authority will normally offer to pay for your care at their rates, subject to a financial needs assessment. In this situation we would not normally accept the local authority rate unless a third-party top-up payment was also available and would instead seek to negotiate a higher rate with the local authority.

Can you cater for special diets?

Yes. Each resident has an individual care plan, which includes food choices and dietary needs. We work closely with the resident – and will also consult with family and friends – to find out their likes and dislikes. Residents can choose from several options at each mealtime. If they don’t like any of the options, we will always try to provide a suitable alternative. We also cater for specific dietary needs, including soft or puréed, diabetic and allergenic, and individual requirements will be established on admission to the home and reviewed as necessary. We work hard to ensure our menus are balanced and nutritious, and meals are produced on site using fresh ingredients every day.

What are your visiting hours?

We never restrict visiting to specific hours and visitors are welcome at any time. However, visitors should be aware that there are certain times of the day when staff will be particularly busy, such as meal times. If you are in any doubt of when best to visit, please call the home.

Are additional services available?

Additional services such as chiropody, hair styling etc are available, charges apply for any additional services.

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Do you require 24 hour care and support or are you largely independent, in need of a little bit of support?

Question 2

Would you prefer to rent a bedsit within a small house or to buy or rent an apartment within a scheme?

Extra Care Housing

Extra care housing refers to tenancy-based accommodation where the tenant lives in their own apartment – for which they pay rent – but receives care and support from a care provider of their choice.

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Supported Homes

Extra care housing refers to tenancy-based accommodation where the tenant lives in their own apartment – for which they pay rent – but receives care and support from a care provider of their choice.

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Residential Homes

Our residential care homes provide 24/7 care, compassion and companionship for older people who are finding it difficult to cope at home alone. Residents can choose to stay for respite (short term) care or a permanent move.

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