Care Home Admissions Guide During Covid 19

Care Home Admissions – How we are Keeping you Safe

Staying Covid-19 Secure at Work


Our priority is to ensure we keep all of our residents, visitors and staff safe during this Covid-19 pandemic; we are committed to continue providing the best care and support for everyone. We are working closely with Public Health England, local authorities and complying with the government advice to ensure that any risks of Covid-19 are well managed and that people are protected. We have robust Covid-19 protocols in place, staff have received training and we have adequate supplies of quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure safety.


Extra Care Housing

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our extra care housing residents and we therefore ask that all new residents self-isolate for 14 days, in their apartments, as an additional precaution. The restaurants in each scheme are open, however, at present a takeaway service has been adopted to ensure compliance with the government’s social distancing requirements. If you would like to enquire about one of our schemes, please contact the scheme you are interested in.

Supported Housing

Our supported housing schemes are open to lettings, if you are interested in one of our supported houses, please do contact the house in question. We do ask that all new residents self-isolate for 14 days in their room on arrival, this will ensure a protection period is achieved for new and existing residents.


New Admissions:

All of our care homes remain open to new residents* and we continue to welcome any new enquiries if you are in need of support to care for your loved one. Please contact the home you are interested in directly for further information. The health and wellbeing of our current residents is our top priority and therefore we have put in place thorough procedures for admitting new residents:

• New admissions from hospital will be tested prior to moving in and will need to have a negative test result;

• Full screening of new residents will take place to ensure that they are displaying no signs or symptoms of Covid-19;

• New residents will be asked to undertake a 14 day protection period to ensure their safety and the safety of other residents in the home;

• New residents will be monitored daily and undergo temperature checks.


We understand how important it is for both residents and their loved ones to receive visits; therefore we have taken into consideration the new government guidance regarding different ways to ensure that meaningful visiting can still take place and we have made some safe screened areas within our homes. These will allow residents to enter from an internal door and relatives from an external door. Each of the visitor areas will be partitioned with a perspex screen and will have a speech enhancing device to ensure that you will be able to hear your loved one. Some rules will apply once in the visiting area. Please contact the home directly to arrange any visit.

We will also continue to support contact through Skype and phone calls etc. Note: All visitors will have their temperature taken prior to visiting their loved ones and need to provide and wear a face covering.


Our Facebook page enables us to share events and activities within the home to our social media audience.


Activities and meaningful occupation are very important for all our residents. We are continuing to provide a programme of activities within our homes, some of which you may have seen on our Facebook page.


In line with recent government updates, we have been able to test residents and staff, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. We are also continuing to work closely with Public Health teams to ensure that anyone who displays any signs or symptoms that could be related to Covid-19 are both isolated and have access to further testing.

What happens if a resident contracts Covid-19?

If a resident develops symptoms of Covid-19, they will immediately be isolated within their room to allow us to complete the 14-day protection period, advised by the UK government. We will contact our local health professionals, as well as Public Health England to notify them of the resident’s illness and to seek their guidance.

Our main priority is to provide care for the resident concerned, as well as protecting staff and other residents from contracting the virus. We will follow the strict protocols for the care and support of individuals with Covid-19, in line with all the latest government guidance, including the use of full PPE for staff at all times.

We will continue to closely monitor the resident and will seek further medical assistance where necessary.

We will inform the nominated next of kin immediately if their loved one becomes unwell and will provide regular updates on their health and wellbeing.

Useful links:

GOV.UK – Coronavirus resource centre

*Any care home with an outbreak of Covid-19 will be closed for admissions to keep people safe. If you enquire about visiting or moving into one of our homes we will always let you know if the home is closed and arrange a further date with you.

Updated 7th January 2021

Covid-19 PPE

How we're managing care home admissions during Covid 19

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