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Residential Care Homes

Our residential care homes provide 24/7 care, compassion and companionship for older people who are finding it difficult to cope at home alone. Residents can choose to stay for respite (short term) care or a permanent move.

We pride ourselves on the homely and relaxed atmospheres in our homes, which enables us to deliver person centred care that is adaptable and specifically tailored to our residents’ needs.

We understand that choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one can be a challenging process, so we want to ensure it is as stress-free as possible.

Click here to hear how our residents and their relatives felt when moving in to our homes and what they think about life with Rapport Housing & Care, we hope it will put your mind at rest to hear how enjoyable life in our homes can be.

If you want to discuss the options available to you, please contact us on 01634 723007 or enquiry@rapporthc.co.uk.


We currently provide two housing options, supported housing and extra care housing schemes.

Extra Care Housing Schemes

Extra care housing refers to tenancy-based accommodation where the tenant lives in their own apartment – for which they pay rent – but receives care and support from a care provider of their choice. Typically, an extra care housing scheme contains upward of 50 such apartments in a building which also provides a restaurant where tenants and their guests can enjoy a meal at lunch time and share some communal areas where residents can enjoy each other’s company or take part in activities organised by themselves of staff based at the scheme. They are not required to eat with other residents or socialise with them – they are free to use their apartments as they would if in the wider community. However, living in an extra care scheme is like living in a small community where companionship is available for those who want it, and where isolation and loneliness can be overcome.

It is very different to residential care where people who cannot live independently are cared for 24 hours a day by care staff and where all their meals are prepared for them. People in residential care are not tenants nor do they pay rent. They pay a fee for the care they receive through a form of contract usually referred to as a licence.

Extra care housing is a concept designed to accommodate people with a range of needs; it is a popular choice as an alternative to a care home and is also known as ‘assisted living’ or ‘housing with care’.

When moving into our extra-care schemes, tenants have their own self-contained homes, their own front doors and a legal right to occupy the property. On-site care staff provide domestic support and various levels of personal care, tailored to a personal care package.

Our extra care housing scheme acts as a community, which enables us to actively tackle the issue of loneliness amongst older people. Tenants enjoy living independent lives within the community, with peace of mind that they are in a safe and secure environment with care and support packages available.

Moving into an Extra Care Housing Scheme

Those wishing to live in our extra care housing schemes must be aged 55 or over and be assessed to have a minimum care and/or support need of 3.5 hours per week. Those wishing to rent, will also need to be nominated by the local council. For all schemes, residents with a local connection to the area will be prioritised.

Apartments at Watling Court and Lawson House are available on an affordable rent basis. At Rosewell House, residents can rent through the local council or purchase an apartment through Older Person's Shared Ownership.

Our extra care housing schemes in the south east:

Supported Homes

Our supported homes are ideal for older people who need a little extra support to maintain their daily lifestyle but want to remain independent.

Unlike residential care, our housing with support does not provide personal care. Residents have a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and have the option of socialising with other residents in the communal living room or dining area. All of the homes have landscaped gardens for the residents to enjoy.

Residents have access to tea and coffee making facilities and a housekeeper provides main meals for the residents, so they can concentrate on doing things they enjoy. The housekeeper cleans and maintains the communal areas but residents take care of their bedroom. Living in a supported home is a great way to retain your independence whilst being part of a community and making new friends.

Our supported homes in the south east: