Residents Star as Everyday Heroes in Society’s Superhero Style Annual Report

The Abbeyfield Kent Society, a charity that provides housing and care to older people across the county, has unveiled its 2014 comic book style annual report.

The front cover of the annual report
The front cover of the annual report

Firm believers that annual reports don’t have to be boring, the Society takes on fun and innovative themes each year and this year is no different. Featuring residents dressed as superheroes and a thought-provoking comic strip throughout, the 2014 report was great fun for the residents to get involved with.

Titled, ‘Everyday Heroes,’ the report expresses that regardless of age or aptitude, we are all capable of doing something incredible. The poignant comic strip throughout the report highlights the plight of isolation amongst older people and how the Society’s homes are working to tackle the problem head on.

Leon Steer, Chief Executive of The Abbeyfield Kent Society commented: “This year’s theme is ordinary, everyday heroes who in spite of age or infirmity continue to embrace life and celebrate living, this approach in our homes is crucial in the fight against the unseen epidemic – loneliness, which so many older people in the world live with.”

The Society hopes it is evident from the report just how much fun the residents had getting dressed up and playing the part of superheroes, one resident even exclaimed: “This is the most fun I’ve had in ages!”

You can view the report on our Issuu page.

Posted : 29/09/2014

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