Announcement: Incident at Watling Court

The emergency services were called to Watling Court on Sunday 31st January at approximately 2.30pm as a result of a fire in one of the flats. At the time, the nearby flats were unoccupied, thus all other tenants were calmly and efficiently kept a safe distance from the scene. 

The fire started in a resident’s flat and was very quickly extinguished by the sprinkler system installed there but, unfortunately, the resident passed away.

The police sealed the flat but, within 48 hours following their initial investigations, allowed us to re-enter it and begin making repairs. In a statement, the Kent Constabulary made clear that they do not regard the death as suspicious.

We are obviously deeply saddened that this should have happened and we have offered our condolences to the relatives of the lady concerned.  We have also provided support to the other tenants at the property as well as our staff.

Posted : 21/03/2016

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