Canterbury Residents Get Busy in Garden

Residents of Connors House Residential Care Home in Canterbury put their gardening skills to good use and decided to grow their own vegetables.

Residents soaked up the sun whilst potting plants
Residents soaked up the sun whilst potting plants

Feeling inspired by the sunny weather, residents of the Craddock Road care home expressed an interest in growing their own veggies so one of the carers, Christine Skellett, decided to make it happen, along with the help of her friend Becky Bennett.

On a lovely sunny day, the staff put the parasols up to keep the residents covered from the sun whilst they set to work potting the seeds, labelling and arranging their plants. Keeping refreshed with cold drinks and biscuits to keep them going, they chatted away with each other the whole time. They spoke about the gardening they used to do at home and how much they enjoy being outside.

Once all the seeds were potted, they gave them some water and put them into a secure place in the garden. Once the seeds have grown a little, Christine and Becky have promised to come back and help the resident gardeners with planting them in the vegetable patch. It won’t be long before there will be home-grown lettuce and tomatoes garnishing their lunches – lovely! 

Christine Devlin, Home Manager of Connors House commented, “This was a wonderful activity for the residents and we are very grateful for the help from Christine and Becky. The residents had such a great time and felt a real sense of achievement in doing this. It will be very satisfying for them to watch the seeds grow and to know that soon they will be able to reap the benefits of all their hard work.”

Posted : 26/04/2018

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