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Whether it's an afternoon tea party or a trip to the seaside, our residents are always getting involved with lots of activities. Click on the news stories below to read about what they have been upto recently.

Choosing a Care Home: A Positive Outcome

Deciding to move yourself, or a loved one into care can be the toughest decision you ever have to make, but it can have a great outcome. We spoke to our residents’ relatives and staff about moving into a residential home and the benefits it had for residents and their families.

Enthusiastic Helper Shares Reasons for Volunteering

Lynda Davis, a volunteer at Edward Moore House Residential Home, has worked many varied jobs but for her, nothing makes her as happy as volunteering.

Young Volunteer Says More Youngsters Should Give up Their Time

Not many 20-year-olds would choose to volunteer with older people but that’s exactly what Lauren Brown, a volunteer at Rogers House in Wigmore, has been doing since she was 15.

Why I Work in Care: Catherine's Story

In honour of Carers Week, Catherine Reid, a carer at Dene Holm residential home in Northfleet, shared her story of why she works in the care industry.

Gillingham Care Staff Open up for Carers Week

To mark Carers Week, Linda Bartlett and Julie Norman, carers at Rogers House in Wigmore, shared their stories of working in the care industry.